1. What is the Give Back Foundation's relationship with TASC?

Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) is the service provider for our workplace giving platform. They are responsible for maintaining the technology, the infrastructure and the customer service. With more than 40 years of experience in benefits account management, they are the right partner for our organization, providing expertise, experience and a shared value of being philanthropically-minded. For more about TASC’s mission, please visit: tasconline.com/about-tasc/mission-and-vision.

2. In addition to the Combined Federal Campaign, how are other companies or organizations working with the Give Back Foundation?

The Give Back Foundation, a §501(c)(3) donor advised fund, created a platform to simplify workplace giving programs. Companies are using branded Give Back web sites to offer a personalized giving experience to their employees, including payroll deduction, donation matching, enrollment bonuses, giving campaigns and other reward and incentive programs. The GiveBack platform offers employees simple ways to contribute, raise money and donate to charitable causes they care about most. The platform supports more than 1.5 million IRS-approved charities.

3. Can I set up an individual GiveBack account?

Yes! You can set up an account independent of any company affiliation. To sign up for a GiveBack account, please click here.

4. What is included in your workplace giving solution?

We are proud to partner with TASC as our service provider for workplace giving services. Their solution, appropriately named GiveBack, is a fully integrated end-to-end solution offering great features such as:

    • Branded company GiveBack pages – your logo, your promotional messages
    • Easy to implement payroll deductions to fund giving
    • Employer matching option
    • Volunteer hour tracking
    • Robust reporting on giving and volunteering goals
    • 24/7 online access with flexibility on donation schedules
    • Consolidated year-end tax reporting for participants

And that’s just some of the great things you can expect. For more information, please visit: tasconline.com/products/giveback.

5. How can I set up a workplace giving program?

If you are an employer interested in setting up a giving program in your organization, please complete the form below.


Contact the Give Back Foundation today to find out how you can participate.